Put an end to aggressive, intrusive and annoying ads

It is an Android app that puts an end to flooding people like you with a ton of ads, messages and in general unsolicited spam.

Our Story

It is a well-known fact that whilst the internet is great it is also quite unsafe. Just like you, we are busy with our day today.

We try our best to spend time with our kids but much of that time, especially now when they spend more time at home, they are glued to screens. Predominantly mobile. A few months ago, we were horrified when we saw our five-year-old son on an X rated website and we’ve started to investigate. And just like any good detective, we followed the money.

We could not believe how many malicious alerts and notifications infected our mobile devices. Ranging from obscene graphics to gambling ads out inthe open for our kids to see. We’re looked anywhere for a readymade solution but they were all quite expensive.

Since I have a technical background I’ve decided to hire and few developers and spend the next few months building an app that blocks all the spam we were getting. We decided to make this app very affordable so that all people who are dear to us like our kids and our parents won’t get flooded with malicious or intrusive ads.

Hi there.
My name is Matt and together with my wife Rachel we co-founded

How it Works?

We’ve created a video showing how to set up the SpamRadar once you've subscribed.

Why the monthly fee?

As you can imagine, it costs a lot of money to develop an app, maintainingit and adding new features.

Developers are quite expensive and I am not even mentioning the server costs. We don’t want to add ads to make money from fighting ads, it does not seem right and beats the purpose of SpamRadar.

We’re of course not millionaires and we’re quite proud to make it as affordable as possible.


Marianne Miller

Amazing support and fast responses. The app is will built and sure bugs will appear but with such support you don't have to worry.

Doug Huber

This is the only app that actively blocks Ads. Other apps only silences. 5 stars from me and have bought for support!

Gail Wordstone

This works super. Block all that spam and your phone does not keep ringing.

Cheryl Nix

Best blocker ever. No more irritating pop-ups. Try it too. You will see.


Works exactly as it should. where has this been?? Finally got rid off the annoying spam on my phone


It working so far, almost no spam on my phone, was unusable earlier